World Class Audio Solutions

We work with the largest publishers and many independent authors and producers. No project is too big, too small, or too complex. Our Multi-Grammy award winning team handles all phases of production from casting and directing through research, editing, quality control, sound effects, music, mixing, and mastering.



  • We take your recorded sessions and edit to your specifications within your budget! 
  • We are fast because we have 15 Pro Tools editors on staff ready to work your job.
  • We ensure quality work because we do a second pass over the first edit. This process makes certain that there are no missing, doubled, or mispronounced words and timing is fine tuned.




Our extremely experienced staff of engineers will make sure your session is recorded with the highest level of attention to detail, quality, and friendly professionalism.  Our directors and engineers have years of experience with high profile projects and clients.



Our roster of over 1,800 working, professional and accomplished actors will guarantee we find you the perfect voice for your project.  We also cast the perfect foreign voices for all your projects bi-lingual needs.  

Click Here for our casting roster.



Our experienced team of top notch engineers will mix dialog, music and sound FX into an amazing professional final product. 



  • After your project has been edited, we master it to spec and deliver in any format you desire.


  • We thoroughly check through your scripts for words that could possibly be mispronounced during the recording. 
  • We have experts on hand for most anything; foreign languages, medicine, science, law, etc.